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Further Casting News

Hello All! So, as we head into the beginning of November, the recording dates for Flashback grow nearer and nearer, and are rapidly becoming a reality. Oh there is much talk, mucho gossipo and squalid little whisperings round back of the corn shed, but despite all of that, I have to tell you that I’m nervous! Yes, I’m full of anxiety and covered head to toe in goosebumps just thinking about the acting magic that is soon going to be filtering its way into my laptop software.

I’ve been working so hard on “real” work… i.e.: the kind that pays the bills, baby… that I’ve barely had time to focus any energies at all on this project… not that much more is needed before the recording. The scripts are fairly tight… may be one or two tweaks in the days leading up to the recording… maybe one or two ideas of the cast and changes to dialogue to make it funnier… but otherwise, there is nothing to do but wait and see.

So, who is in the cast? Well there’s a page for the cast list, but just so you know, here it is again: We’ve got the wonderful Sarah Douglas playing a dual role as the Mayor and her doppelgänger. We’ve got JoAnne Garries, Tara Samuel and Elfriede Erzen reprising the roles of Belinda, Barroqa and Bellissima respectively. There’s Patrick Conner re-inventing the scientific genius that is Tom Swyft, while the incredibly funny Ryan Kelly is set to play Tom’s trust-worthy companion and loyal sidekick Roy Ruggers.

Sadly Darryl Deegan, who played the original Brad the Artist is unable to return to the role at this time but hopes to be involved in future projects as… well, you’ll have to wait and see, now won’t you? So, filling Darryl’s shoes and stretching them to make them fit an even more intense character is David Tomlinson, also playing a dual role as Brad the Artist and… well, wait and see.

Viv Moore is Bev 999.845.345 one of our two alien historians. I’m still holding out for a particular actor to make up the remainder of the duo but I’ve had difficulties in contacting him… but I’ll manage soon!

The superb Nigel Fairs is joining the UK component of the cast to play stuffy yet mysterious butler Hargreaves, while Jane Walker and Elaine Smookler are providing voices for a whole host of marvellous characters, both real and imagined… Who knows, I may even be tempted to do a cameo, though with such a marvellous cast of professionals, I think I’d be a little out of my league.

And that is it so far. More news when it happens. But check the blog often, especially once the week of November 21st begins as I’ll be in Canada gearing up to record scenes, post thoughts, upload new photographs and interviews and hopefully a few choice sound bites!


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