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Flying to Canada

Well tomorrow I fly off to Canada and thus begins the process of recording for Flashback… oh, not right away mind you but in the few weeks that I am there. Hopefully we’ll be extremely lucky and confirm casting with one other actor while I’m there… the technophobe… he’s not got email nor does he surf the net often… so I guess I can say all manner of things about him… but nah… he’s actually a wonderful guy and when I see him face to face, and thrust a thick sheaf of script papers in front of him… how can he say no? So there is that to look forward to.

Also, seeing everyone I’ve not seen in years! THAT has to be something else to look forward to… a very special reunion indeed! I’ve spent the last day or so doing last minute re-writes to touch up the one or two scenes I’ve not been 100% happy with and I swear… that’s it… really it…!

Mostly it was to revamp Sarah Douglas’ part… to give one of her characters more of a reason to be doing the kinds of things she’s doing and as a result some of the other characters needed updating to fit the new content. But now I’m thrilled with where it is. And I’ve got to stop doing this or there will be some angry environmentalists out there hunting me down for all the paper I’m using up! Thankfully I’ve mastered the art of printing on both sides… now if only paper had more than one side…

I guess that is one of my worst transgressions as a writer… I can easily type on a computer but I’ve got to correct, edit and speak parts out loud by reading them on a hard copy. Don’t know what it is or where it came from but it is such an old habit and I can’t seem to break out of it. I guess one notices more once something has been committed to paper. But I digress.

Now, my excitement level is building. I’ve packed the SLR, the video camera and the microphone, I’ve started planning the schedules, I’ve confirmed with as many people as I can and I’ve had good talks with agents. How much more can I do? Really, I think it is now just a matter of sitting back and letting it all happen, and of course, reporting what happens here along with photographs and what-not.

So stay tuned for interviews with the cast, news, gossip and so much more. I think over the next few weeks, this blog will get exciting and after such a lengthy build up, it really had better get exciting, hadn’t it? Or it will be more than just the angry environmentalists hunting me down!

Cheers and all the best,




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  1. Viv

    Yeah Eddie
    Can’t wait to see you

    November 14, 2010 at 12:44 PM

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