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Work, work, work = very funny!

Okay, so I’ve not been the greatest at updating the blog but let me tell you – there’s been a good reason – we’ve all been so super-busy recording FLASHBACK that I’ve not had time to sleep, let alone sit down and type out witty play-by-plays. However, once I return to Wales, the fun of sorting through all the material recorded will begin. Let me tell you this though, already I’ve put together a few rough dialogue edits of a few scenes and I’m finding myself laughing out loud. The cast is simply marvellous and the comic elements that I’ve written really stand out, really shine all thanks to the amazing timing and delivery of the actors.

This is of course, phase one of the recording – all the Canadian cast members. Phase two is still to come – working with Sarah and Nigel and a handful more, but after Christmas please! The whole of Britain will be so wrapped up in office parties and loads of merry-making that getting anywhere to do recordings could be very very harried.

A big thank you to John Young who comes on board as Executive Producer of the project. And although we’ve had discussions, he’s been kind enough (or maybe that’s wise enough) not to press the issue of creative control, leaving everything as it should be –  up to me… LOL! I mean Phew!

The process has been a strange and wonderful one but I’m feeling more than positive about everything. I hope the listeners will be taken on an amazing journey, one that makes them squeak with geeky nerdiness over all the sci-fi references, but also one that has them laughing out loud on the tube, in their cars or as they browse e-bay from the safety of their home computer. I can’t describe what it is like to actually hear the words I’ve written come to life and the characters live and breathe… utterly amazing and a boost to any writer’s ego… but also incredibly humbling too to be in the presence of such caring, giving, and enthusiastic actors. Lots of love and thank you to all involved.

And so, when I return home, the blog will start divulging details of those many many sessions. That isn’t gossip, my dears… no… it is simply the process shared.


One response

  1. Viv Moore

    I am in awe of what you have accomplished in so short a time, and have laughed out loud too at the very funny lines

    December 6, 2010 at 1:53 PM

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