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Over A Thousand Hits

Well, I must have missed it actually happen but this week the blog reached over 1000 hits, which is in a lot of ways, very gratifying.

So what news is there today? Not lots, I’ll admit. Am working on other projects – none of which are my own – and spending loads of time doing that. I have managed to tally up though how many dialogue edits I’ve done and am impressed that many episodes are looking in good shape, with Episode 1, 4, 5, and 7 receiving the most dialogue edits and feeling the most complete. I decided to edit the scenes out of order for a reason – namely so that it didn’t sound like there was a progression of technical quality as the listener made their way through the episodes. It is an old video editing trick too, this kind of non-linear approach, and one which I am pleased to use time and time again. Plus, a lot of material still needs to be recorded and so some episodes are heavy on the missing content.

The good news is that I believe I’ve managed to cast yet another role – that of Ingebjorne, henchwoman to Malice and the “voice of the pleasure sound” – a nod to an old comedy idea created long ago by Michael and Jane, but given form and substance in this new personification. Once the part has been recorded – scheduled for the first week of March – I’ll be doing a profile on the woman behind the character and her thoughts on the whole process. But until then, “mum” is the word… or I suppose if we’re talking pleasure sounds… maybe “bum” is the word… oh I don’t know – this is all beyond me!

I want also take this opportunity to send out a thank you to people who have been coming back to this blog time and time again to check on the progress of the series. It is gratifying to know that people out there are more than interested. Subscribe, contribute with feedback and questions, or simply leave comments. All are welcome. Until the next update!


One response

  1. viv moore

    this is excellent news. well done Eddie

    February 11, 2011 at 10:31 PM

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