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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Though in this case it may be more the case of April recordings bring May dialogue edits!

Again, I’ve been remiss in updating the blog but I see people are still reading it and the stats are growing. That is heartwarming, particularly as the blog has been going since October of last year! But this entry is about news and updates, so let’s get right to it.

As you can see, there is a new promo pic for the fabulous B Girls: Barroqa, Belinda and Bellissima. Download it, share it, love it. I think it captures the essence of the characters as they are now. You’ve no doubt seen pics of them ten years ago, littered throughout this blog, but here they are 21st Century style, ready for bitchy bantery action.

The Dialogue Edits themselves have slowed down but a great many of the scenes have been put together. Unfortunately I had to postpone my recording session with Kristin (playing the character of Ingebjorne), as I came down with a nasty cold and decided not to spread it about. We’ve yet to reschedule, but she lives nearby so it won’t be too difficult to set dates in the near future for that.

Next week sees me off to the lovely land of Brighton, with its pier and seaside trappings. I celebrate not only the fourth anniversary of me living in the UK, but I also get to record with the talented and lovely Sarah Douglas (at long last!) and the equally lovely and talented Nigel Fairs. Sarah is of course playing the dual roles of Alice and Malice and as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog entry I’ve been writing her a special introduction scene for Episode One that sort of sets the tone of her character and introduces a level of menace into the project just ahead of the wacky comedy!

And then there’s Nigel, who is set to don the virtual suit and bow tie of Hargreaves the loyal yet slightly snarky butler to Belinda. I can’t wait to record those lines and finally insert them into the dialogue edits I’ve already done with JoAnne as Belinda. There is also the possibility that I’ve snagged Nigel to voice one other minor character as well, so fingers crossed. If you’ve ever heard him on audio or seen him on stage, you’ll know that he has an incredible range of voices in his repertoire, and it just seems a shame to not have him voice another character!

As for behind the scenes, well this week I met with the potential music composer and sound designer. I won’t disclose names at this point until it is completely firmed up, but I’m excited by the possibilities and we’ve discussed the music tone for the series… All I can say is… RETRO!

In other news, I shall be attending the Doctor Who convention “Utopia” in Oxfordshire at the beginning of May, and by then I hope to have a five-minute audio trailer of the series to give away on CD at the convention. I hope to upload it to the web shortly after that, for those who can’t attend the convention. And while I think tickets are almost sold out for the event, those of you who live nearby and might want to come should check out the Fantom Films website of the event.

Also, I think generally supporting the work that Fantom Films puts out in print, audio and video formats is a great thing. In what little spare time they have, they manage to organise wonderfully intimate conventions with guests from all over the realm of (mostly) television science fiction and fantasy. And they are super nice people as well. So check out their events page.

And that is all the news I’ve got at the moment. I hope to have the series released in early September now, mostly due to the fact that I’m so strapped for time doing “real” paying gigs, that it will have to be early summer when I actually start laying down atmospheric tracks and working with the music composer and sound designer. But who knows. It may be out even earlier. I firmly believe that once things truly get rolling, there will be no stopping it!

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