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Audio Previews!

Well here is the first audio snippet from the Blog and I hope it gives you a bit of an idea as to the characters of the cast and the work we’re doing to bring you this new audio series. The following link will open up an MP3 of part of an interview I conducted with JoAnne Garries, Elfriede Erzen and Tara Samuel in early December, following the recording of their B Girl scenes. Also included is the new Flashback Theme and a sneak peek at a scene from one of the middle episodes. I had to choose this scene carefully as I didn’t want to give too much away but I wanted something that could both give you a hint to the plot lines but also act as a stand alone. A word of warning though, the scene still hasn’t been fully mixed or mastered yet, so you are hearing it in a raw state. I hope you enjoy!


B Girls Interview and Sneak Preview

Summary of the Interview: JoAnne, Elfriede and Tara talk a bit about the process of “coming back” to the characters after ten years and how they felt that the project was never fully realised back then. Everyone agrees that revisiting this project is kind of like working with the late Michael Balser again and there was a special feeling during the recording sessions, making us all believe he was there in spirit, presiding over the project.

Then a sneak preview of part of the new Flashback theme and an entire scene!

The girls are back after the scene to discuss the story arc and how they loved all the new material because they felt they could develop their characters more. Tara ends the interview by revealing how deeply “into” quantum mechanics she really is.


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