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February Update

As we move very quickly into the second month of 2012, I am reminded about the work that still needs to be done on this little project. But the good news is that despite still being tied up with other work, I have managed to progress rather well and many boxes are being ticked in the hopes that by May, (or even earlier), Flashback will be making itself available to the world.

As you see, the artwork has already been done for the CD box set, but I’m still collecting all the material for the insert and haven’t done the actual disc art yet – but that is on its way. As for the recordings, Episode 1, “A Temporary Condition” has been mixed and mastered and is sounding quite amazing. The quality alone is a great improvement on the rough mix I did, (the first fifteen minutes of which are on this blog in an earlier post). Soon, even that rough mix won’t be around any more, as the actual episode has made use of alternative takes for the dialogue, a re-edit and some of the sound effects and music have been shifted about or completely altered.

As February looms, the final edit on Episode 2 “Possible Moments”,  is nearly halfway done and the hope is to at least be done the first five episodes by mid-February, with the rest taking until mid-March to complete as they have yet to even be rough edited.

A new domain has been chosen and a new web site is also in preparation for the launch of the series. It will hopefully be ecommerce-equiped so that everyone can choose to buy Flashback either as a downloadable series of MP3 files, or put in an order for the slightly higher cost CD box set, (which will of course, also include the downloads for free). If all goes to plan, Episode 1 will be made available for a limited time only as a free download, just to whet the appetite and get people in the mood for more!

So yes, big plans are afoot. I hope that after all the hard work of everyone involved, that you out there will not only enjoy the series, but also spread the word so that others can enjoy it as well. Until then, I hope 2012 is  already being good to you.



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  1. you are the energizer bunny extraordinaire. You never cease to amaze me. Thank you

    January 31, 2012 at 4:14 PM

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