A site to promote the up-coming Audio series.

October Update

Just a brief piece of news here for all those that keep checking in.
First apologies that the series is still not out there – it has been a very busy year for me work-wise and I’ve not had the time I need to dedicate to the audio editing or sound design. But that said, I’m taking a few months off and focusing solely on getting this project done. My hope is that it will be ready before Christmas this year and available for download on its very own website! So thanks for sticking with us – the journey has been amazing, if not incredibly long. I want to welcome a few new voices to the fold too, including the dulcet tones of Steve Johnson, who is voicing all the opening and closing titles along with deliciously enticing adverts for the series. You’ll hear one of them soon, I promise!

So, until very soon, I’ll be posting once again. Hugs to all of you out there.



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