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Flashback is an upcoming five hour, ten part AUDIO SERIAL written by Ed Sinclair with additional material written by the late Michael Balser.

Executive Producer: John Young.


Sarah Douglas as Malice/Alice

JoAnne Garries as Belinda

Tara Samuel as Barroqa

Elfriede Erzen as Bellissima

Patrick Conner as Professor Tom Swyft

Ryan Kelly as Roy Ruggers

Viv Moore as Bev 999.845.345

Randall Lanthier as Beverly 999.662.226

David Tomlinson as Brad the Artist and Alt.Brad

Nigel Fairs as Hargreaves

Kristin Elsner as Ingebjorne

Guest Voice Artists: Jane Walker, Elaine Smookler, Paul Jones, Danny Wilson and Dave Wilson, Steve Johnson

Directed and Edited by Ed Sinclair

Original Music by TBA

Release date: General Release: 2015 – Patreon release: One episode a month on the first of the month

Stay tuned for more information, cast bios and further updates.