A site to promote the up-coming Audio series.

Patreon Campaign


Hello All!

Just to let you know, we’ve started a campaign on Patreon, to help raise money to complete the audio series. We’re asking you for your financial support to do so. Through a donation you give every time a new episode is available to download, you will be helping to make Flashback, the audio series a reality.

As I’ve not been able to dedicate the time needed to edit and mix and master the episodes, the material has sat on my computer unloved for over two years while I have been doing my day job. But with your help, I can devote the time needed to complete the editing work and get this series out there.

It has been way too long for this wonderful series to continue languishing in this “half-finished” state. I’d like to see it released and enjoyed, and then start on a brand new project – perhaps a series 2 (I’ve got some good ideas there), or even a few spin-off ideas.

Either way, if you can part with a tiny donation, you’ll be doing us a big favour – and you’ll be able to choose from a few rewards as well. Of course, the downloaded episodes are what you probably really want, so here is your chance to obtain them before anyone else – on radio or through other sources of media (online or off). Be there at the creation stage and be a part of the magic.

Just go to the following site and download episode one. If you like it, consider supporting us by becoming a Patreon patron and you’ll have access to the other nine episodes as they are released. Check out the VIDEO TRAILER NOW ONLINE at Patreon!




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